Aqua Aura Kyanite – A New Twist on Vapor Treated Natural Stones

We have seen so many varieties of quartz coated with titanium, gold, indium and iron. Coated material from Brazil and Arkansas were standard, then, geodes, cactus quartz from South Africa and even some zeolites started showing up.

Yet, it was surprising to see Aqua Aura Kyanite blades.

Aqua Aura Kyanite Cluster

These showed up at a gem show we were visiting and I asked the vendor to send us some photos of these beautiful stones.
The dealers, Cinderhill have a great selection of natural stone pendants. They told me that these are a type of kyanite from brazil that is black. Coating it with titanium vapors makes these clusters vibrant.

Aqua Aura Kyanite Cluster in simple wire wrap pendant made by makes these beautiful natural stone pendants, using things like aquamarine and emerald crystals in matrix, or bright blue cavansite balls on stilbite, trimmed and drilled to make fascinating beads to use as centerpieces.

If you are looking for an interesting new stone to use for a designer jewelry necklace, a brilliant peacock like stone like this vapor treated black kyanite cluster.